Every government ID proof has its uses and application. One needs to know about Aadhar Card (UID) and it’s Applications because Aadhar card will be the best ID proof for oneself. Every mankind should be aware of Aadhaar Card (UID) because this ID proof will serve as the sole ID for one because its unique identities. Aadhar card records one’s fingerprint, IRIS which is unique among individuals. Knowing about the Unique Identification Card applications, one can enjoy the benefits of it. Because Aadhaar is only ID proof that records the unique identity of an individual.

There are many people who are not much exposed to Aadhar Card and mainly their application ultimately these people fail to apply for it. Many other government proofs such as pan card, voter’s ID definitely requires an agency or it sucks one’s times. Because this complexity one delay to get an ID proof. If the people are educated about Aadhar Card (UID) then he/she would apply for immediately and might get it easily. One can apply for Aadhar card easily by approaching an enrolment centre hence knowing about Aadhar Card is necessary.

Here are the few areas in which Aadhar card will be used

For PF Transactions: This is a new rule imposed by the government of India on aadhar card. Any salaried employees belonging to any organized sector must submit their aadhar number for acquiring the benefits of EPO(Employment Provident Fund). Even if the individual does not have an aadhar ID, he/she is requested to submit their enrolment ID in order to ensure that they do possess aadhar card. This is one of the major reasons for knowing about the Application of UID.

Detects duplicate identities in Government Database: It has been found through a survey that many duplicates and fake entries have been identified since people are submitting exact proof for their residence along with demographic and biometric information. Owing to this reason knowing about Aadhar Card (UID) and its Applications became necessary for people.

Use of Aadhar Card for Voting: The Karnataka state government has imposed a new rule in the election body. That is if the people do not have an Elector’s Photo ID Card (EPIC) or (sometimes called as Vote’s ID) can submit their Aadhaar card as identity proof.

Aadhar Card is used for Subsidiaries: This is the last issue on the Aadhaar card. The government have introduced a new rule like linking Aadhaar card with subsidiaries like LPG which helped the agency to remove duplicate records. In this way having knowledge on Aadhar Card (UID) and its Applications would help the individual.

Miscellaneous applications of Aadhar Card: Passport, pan card are the few other areas where Aadhar card comes into play. For applying these IDs one can use his aadhar ID number. Also for any online transactions, one can make use of his ID number. Since Aadhaar number is used everywhere hence knowing about UID and its Applications is essential.

These are the major areas where Aadhaar card comes into play. Hence having knowledge about the same is mandatory for every individual. The above points on Aadhar Card (UID) and its Applications will help every mankind.