Every citizen needs to hold a unique identification to assure that he belongs to a particular country. Every countryman holds a green card to ensure that he belongs to that country similarly for Indian citizens there was a Ration card which solved the purpose of green card. But nowadays the population growth started to increase and there was a need for additional verification apart from Name, Address, and Date of Birth of the respected person which forced the introduction of Aadhar Card. Therefore in order to prove that one belongs to Indian s/he is ought to know about Aadhar Card.

The Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) is an agency for the Indian government that implemented the project Aadhar. Hence being an Indian citizen one needs to be aware of Aadhar Card. This is a huge project that has been split up into various parts and given to different private sector companies (software) who maintain the database regularly.

Each and every small state in India should know about Aadhar Card and must hold with them. There is no differentiation among people about who can hold this aadhaar card every citizen must possess this as a unique identification. Here are few details of Aadhar Card which would help the common man to understand the basic purpose of Aadhar card.

New thing about Aadhar Card is 12-digit unique number is provided to every individual who has an Aadhaar card. This 12-digit number will be stored in a central database, once if this digit is entered the entire details about that particular individual will be listed.

The fingerprint is a major requirement while issuing an Aadhar Card. The logic behind getting one’s finger print is that it is unique to every man kind. So if it is implemented in Aadhaar Card then it could serve as sole purpose of unique identification.

Photograph of eye is also taken for an individual for the verification and it is part in Aadhar Card issuing process. Each and every mankind have unique feature. For example human eye has retina and nerves which are different among individuals. Hence if the eye is scanned then it would also be a unique identification for Aadhar Card.

These details are recorded and fed into the computer system’s database by the professionals who have good knowledge in computer field. In order to record such details a place is needed to install the computers and other scanning machines for which the agency took the support from government aided banks. They selected few banks which took the responsibility of recording the details from every individual who are interested and came forward. Such new verification details come into play while verifying one’s Aadhar Card.

This project was implemented in almost all states, villages etc… But still many people failed to take up this. Hence knowing about Aadhar Card is of utmost important and every individual must come forward to participate in this project.

Apart from above mentioned details it also requires like passport sized photo, permanent address is required for getting Aadhar Card.

Moreover applying for aadhar card does not require any money to be invested. It is free of cost hence, any individual irrespective of his employment and income can apply. Hence to be an Indian citizen one must know about Aadhar Card.