Simple processes for The Aadhar Card Update

The 12 digit number provided by the Unique Identification Authority of India or UIDAI in the form of Aadhar card is required to get the social and financial benefits by the residents of India, study the demographics of the country, and set the fiscal budget of the country.

All residents of India need to enroll for the same. The residents also need to update their data if there is any change of address, phone number, etc. Some can be done online at the UIDAI portal, and some are required to be done offline.
    The various methods 

    How to Update Aadhar Card Details Online

    • Visit the Aadhar Self Service Update Portal at Here you can update the address.
    • Step 1. Enter your existing Aadhar number and get it verified with entering the Captcha. 
    • An OTP is sent to your registered mobile number, and you have to key in the OTP online and then proceed further.

    • Step 2. Select either the “Update Address by Address Proof

    • Step 3. Enter the current address mentioned in the Proof of Address (PoA) and click on the “Preview”. 
    online aadhar update

    • Step 4. If you want to modify the address, click the “Modify” else tick the declaration and click on the “Submit”.
    aadhar update
    • Step 5. Upload valid document then click submit.
    • Step 6. Your Aadhar address request accepted and 14 digit URN (update request number) generated.
    •  The update is done in due course by the Authority, and one can check the update status. Using URN number you can check aadhar update status
    After successfully update your aadhar then you can download e aadhar here and get printed aadhar at home by adhar card reprint service

    Steps to Update Aadhaar Card by Visiting Enrolment Centre

    • Search your nearest Aadhar Centre after clicking your State icon and selecting from the dropdown list. Fill in the fields like district, village, panchayat, and enter the Captcha at the designated place and click Locate Centre icon. You will get the address of the nearest Aadhar Centre and visit to update the required data.
    • Alternatively, if you know your Pincode, click the Postal (PIN) code icon avoiding the above step. Enter the Captcha and click the “Locate Centre” icon to see the address of the nearest center in your area and visit the same to do the needful.
    • You can also book an appointment for aadhar by clicking the link and visit the permanent centre on the given date and time. Change your address, update your name, update mobile number, and update biometric details, gender update, or date of birth update, visiting any of the Aadhar Centre near your place of stay.

    How to Update Address in Aadhaar without Document Proof

    • If you do not have an address proof, a family member, your neighbor, friends, your landlord can validate your address.
    • After logging to the portal, the resident initiates a request using the verifier’s Aadhar number.
    • The resident receives an SRN. Then the verifier logs into the Aadhar portal and gives the consent.
    • The applicant receives a confirmation that the verifiers have given consent.
    • The resident then uses the SRN number to log in again to the portal and submits the request.
    • A letter is sent through post to the resident with a secret code. On receipt of the secret code, the resident again logs in to the online portal and updates reviews the updated address and confirms the same.
    • The Authorities send a URN to check the status of updating from time to time. The address is updated in due course.

    FAQs on Updating Aadhaar Card

    1. Can I update all my Aadhar details online?
    Well, the answer is no. Online updating is limited to specific fields. Since Aadhar involves biometric inclusion, certain updates cannot be done online. One needs to visit the nearest Aadhar Centre to update biometric details, add phone numbers, update date of birth, or change the minor Aadhar to an Aadhar for Aadhar.

    2. Do I need to have a mobile phone to update my address online?

    Yes, you need to have an active mobile number to update your address online as OTP and SRN is sent on the mobile number. The online process is quite simple, and one can log in to view their Aadhar details anytime using the Aadhar number and the registered mobile number.

    3. Are there any charges for Aadhar updating?

    The Aadhar authorities charge a minimum fee for updating the details if it is done offline. There is no charge for online updating. However, if you want a hard copy of your updated Aadhar card, the postal fee is needed to be paid as decided by UIDAI.

    4. Is it mandatory to update the Aadhar details?
    One should always update their Aadhar details as and when required to help the Government plan the social benefit schemes, the fiscal budgets, and other services that the Government may decide from time to time. One should not ignore to update the Aadhar details to reap the benefits.

    5. Offline or online, which one is better for Aadhar update?
    One can update Aadhar details, both online and offline. Both are smooth and very systematic; however, for updating the biometric features, one has to visit the nearest Aadhar centre and do the needful. Not all features can be updated online.

    6.How to change my son’S adhaar card which is enrolled when he is the age below five?
    just go to aadhar card update center and book an appointment online for a biometric change.

    So, update your Aadhar and reap the benefits.