How to Download Aadhar Card

Aadhar card in the 21st century beholds excellent value. It is not just a card, but it also provides your identification, which declares your citizenship in India's country. Now, you can get your UIDAI at ease, sitting at home with e aadhar. In this article, you will get to know how to make your Aadhar download by following a few simple steps.

Aadhar Card Download by Aadhar Number only

The most important part of the Aadhar card is the Aadhar number. The 12 digit number in your e-aadhar provides your identification as an Indian citizen.

Here are the steps which can lead you to your Aadhar card download:

You have to go to the official website of Aadhar. alert-success
If you are unaware of the official Aadhar website, here it is alert-success

You have to visit the website and click on the 'My Aadhar' section.alert-success

aadhar download online
Screenshot captured from uidai website

It will lead you to another page with the 'Download Aadhar' option.alert-success
Click on the 'Download Aadhar' option.alert-success
You can go to the ‘I Have’ section for the aadhar download.alert-success
Select the ‘Aadhar’ option.alert-success

aadhar download uidai using aadhar number

You should enter the 12 digit Aadhar number for the download.alert-success
You can also get yourself a masked Aadhar (don't tick if you need full aadhar number).alert-success
Click on the ‘I want a masked Aadhar’ option to download a masked aadhar.alert-success
After completing the above steps, you have to put the captcha verification code in the provided box.alert-success
You can click on the ‘Send OTP’ option.alert-success
The above step would send a One Time Password to the registered phone number.alert-success
Put the six-digit OTP in the box.alert-success

eaadhar download online

You can complete the procedure of aadhar download by selecting the ‘Verify and Download’ option.alert-success

download e aadhar

The above step completes the whole procedure of Aadhar card download from your Aadhar number only. On reading the article further, you will find out other more straightforward ways to download your Aadhar card at ease.

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Aadhar card Download using Enrollment number

Another essential part of the Aadhar card is the enrollment number, which you can get at the time of enrollment for Aadhar. The acknowledgment slip contains the enrolment ID and 14 digit date and time number, which leads you to e aadhar card download.

You can follow the simple steps below for your uidai aadhar download:

You have to open this website page. alert-info
There you can find separate boxes asking for the whole enrolment number.alert-info
You have to find out the 14 digit enrolment ID and the 14 digit date and time number from the acknowledgment card you get at the time of application for an Aadhar card.alert-info

aadhar card download using eid

Put the 28 digits in the boxes on the page.alert-info
You can enter the image captcha code in the required box.alert-info
Click on the 'Request OTP' button to get a One Time Password in your registered phone number.alert-info
Select the ‘Confirm’ button.alert-info
After receiving the OTP, you can put it on the box.alert-info

Select the ‘Download Aadhaar’ option next.alert-info

The final step of verification leads you to the download of your e aadhar at ease.

There are many other ways through which you can download your e aadhar card at ease. Follow the article further to get an account of more ideas.

Aadhar card download using VID

You can have your Aadhar download online using the Virtual ID at ease. Virtual ID or VID of the Aadhar card is a 16 digit number that comes in use during authentication or e-KYC authentication procedure.

Here are the steps which would lead you to aadhar download using a VID:

Go to the UIDAI's online portal.alert-info
You have to click on the ‘Download Aadhar’ option.alert-info
Go to the ‘I have’ section for more options.alert-info
Select the VID option to download the Aadhar card online.alert-info
The above step would take you to a page where they will ask for your full name, Virtual Id, pin code, and security code.alert-info
You have to enter all the details as asked on the page.alert-info
You would be able to see the 'Send OTP' option on the next page.alert-info
Select the OTP option to get a One Time Password in your registered mobile number.alert-info
If you face any issue in the above step, you can access your e aadhar using the alternative option of the TOTP feature.alert-info
You can now have your e aadhar ready for download.alert-info

If you go through the article further, you would be able to find other exciting ways to download your e aadhar card at ease.

Aadhar Card Download by name and date of birth

The easiest way to download aadhar card online is by using your name and date of birth. If you do not want to go into the complications of e aadhar download using VID, EID, or any ID, this might be your ideal option.

If you want to download aadhar card using name and date of birth, you first have to learn to find aadhar card number using just the name.

You have to visit the official aadhar website of
They will ask for your full name and registered phone or email ID.alert-success

aadhar card download by name and date of birth

Fill in the boxes with the required details and select the ‘Send OTP’ button.alert-success
You get a One Time Password either in your mobile number or email ID.alert-success
Once you click on the 'Verify OTP' button next, you will receive the Aadhar number immediately in your registered email ID or mobile number.alert-success
After you get the Aadhar card number, you can continue with the above step the procedure of downloading your aadhar card online.alert-success

Go to the e-aadhar page on the official page of UIDAI.

You have to select the ‘I Have Aadhar’ option.alert-success
You have to fill the boxes which ask for aadhar number or enrolment number, image captcha.alert-success
You can select the ‘Send OTP’ option to get an OTP in your registered phone number.alert-success
After confirming and verifying the OTP, you can select the 'Download Aadhaar' option to download your e-aadhar using name and date of birth.alert-success

More About UIDAI

UIDAI refers to the Unique Identification Authority of India. The statutory authority of the Aadhar Act 2016, which looks after the details, advantages, and violations of the act properly. The official website of UIDAI provides all the details regarding the use and importance of an Aadhar card to an Indian citizen. It offers several ways to recover this identification card to the citizens if it gets lost somehow and also enables you to apply for an Aadhar card to a new citizen. If you face any problem regarding your Aadhar card or regarding the downloading issues of e-aadhar anytime, you can visit the official website of UIDAI immediately for help.

Importance of Aadhaar Card

The aadhar card is of great importance to an Indian citizen as this card provides a 12 digit number, which proves them to be a legal citizen of the country. The aadhar card plays a vital role in protecting people from any kind of fraudulence. The marginalized citizens of the country get access to several benefits like free rations and proper shelters with the help of an aadhar card. The aadhar card also enables you to sit in one place and perform any kind of electronic benefit transfer of banking transactions and many other digitally successful tasks.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How to apply for Aadhar card?
You can apply for an aadhaar card by filling up new forms in online or offline procedures.

How is Aadhar enrolment done?
Aadhar enrolment requires demographic and biometric data.

What are the documents required for Aadhar enrolment?
The documents required for Aadhar enrolment are identity proof, address proof, birth proof.

How long does it take to receive an Aadhar card?
It takes a maximum of 90 days or three months to receive an Aadhar card.

How to understand the status of allotment?
You can look for the enrolment number in the acknowledgment card to check the status of allotment of Aadhar card.

Can you update your details in Aadhar?
Yes, you can update any details in your aadhar card once after you get it in hand.

Can the details be updated online?
You can update your aadhar details after getting the card online on the official site of UIDAI.

What are the updated details on the Aadhar card?
The update details in an Aadhar card are the address, name, date of birth, mobile number, and email ID.

What are the charges for the enrolment of Aadhar card?
The enrolment of aadhar card requires no charges.

Is correction in Aadhar card chargeable?
Yes, correction in your Aadhar card require charges.

What is the maximum charge required for correction in the Aadhar card?
The correction charges Rs 50.

Is it possible to link aadhar card to a phone number?
Yes, it is possible to link the Aadhar card to the mobile number.

How long is an EID?
The EID is generally of 14 digits.

How long is the Aadhar number?
An aadhar number is generally of 12 digits.

How long is a VID?
A VID is generally of 14 digits.

The above answers can clear many frequently raised questions in your mind. With the help of the above points, you can make your idea about the Aadhaar card to some considerable extent.